The Well
Eric Kampman
Total Time: 53:53
The Well
1 to 0
Green at Dusk
Somewhere Between 7 & 8 Pt. II
The Desert

Time 1:15
The Well
Time 9:40
Come to the commons, everyone
And drink your fill from the well
Water clear, not sour nor sweet
In the center all things meet
Even heaven, even hell

While we wait here in line,
To understand the divine
Trapped in mind's vanity

The rope they used for hanging
Is now tied to a wooden pail
Many bodies were cut free, in the final liberty
Hear the tolling of the bell

Soft lies and hard honesty
Somehow look the same to me
One caged bird and one flying free

In truth it's not your truth
In time it's not your steps that lead you here
Hear the calling of the moon
Feel you breaking the cocoon
First you're far and then you're near

Look for the thing you can't find
Seeing with eyes makes you blind
You know you're out of your mind
1 to O
Time 5:48
Green At Dusk
Time 3:13
They say that I'm the lucky one,
As I sail towards the sun
The heat is on but I feel none

If I'm so green why am I jaded
If I have dreams why have they faded
Sunshine gone, the rain paraded

I will be still and strong
I will pretend I still belong

I think I lost my yesterdays
As I traversed this mortal maze
The living loathe the dead I raise

I may yet see tomorrow's skies
But nevermore with younger eyes
The sun will set, the moon will rise
The body rests, the spirit flies

I will be still and strong
I will, where I belong

I leave regrets, I heave the sighs
I see the crosshairs in your eyes
The thicker plot, the thin disguise

If I'm so green why am I jaded
If I have dreams why have they faded
Sunshine gone, the rain paraded

I will be still and strong
I will pretend I still belong
Time 6:28
In this isle of desolation
I will reign
Smoke and fire, true servants of my domain

See -- I am beyond your reach
See how I make you suffer

I may call on you tomorrow
Frail mortal
Flesh and bone no match for my talons and steel

Hear the roar of my desire
Hear: I'll bring you to your knees

You may try to understand me,
My design
Patternless pain, true servant of my domain

Feel the last breath of your life
Feel the sharp sting of the knife
Somewhere Between 7 & 8 Part II
Time 4:26
I don't know why but still I'll try stand up
I'm growing old, supply won't hold demand up

Too bad experience only comes with time
Too bad cuz you'll get yours
Just like I'll get mine

I missed the boat across the moat to my estate
It seems that I forgot to try to befriend fate

Too bad for all of us in Gaia's web entwined
To bad cuz you'll get yours just like I'll get mine

Yes I think I can slow the minute hand
Watch the hourglass sand as it falls
This reality never seems to be
Charged enough with the potential

So here I am a lion's lamb in waiting
Good food and wine, these fears of mine abating

Too bad experience only comes with time
Too bad cuz you'll get yours just like I got mine
Time 4:02
Time 5:55
I saw you climb the scaffolding
Seeking higher ground when you'd have surely been
Better off below
I saw the neighbors clammoring
They try to talk you down, it's bad behavior in
Sight of Oakhurst Row

I heed the signs, I shut the blinds
I chase my tail, I learn to fail

I saw you cornered in an alleyway
You thought was open road, You thought you'd broke the code
To a higher plane

I overheard a neighbor say
She saw how hard you tried
But then you went and lied
And said you felt her pain

I weather storms, I have my thorns
I stand my ground, pre-sight and sound

I saw you climb the scaffolding
I saw the child in the swing
I saw the demons you implore
I saw you slowly close the door

I know why you try: only birds and angels can fly
A man on the ground is easily found

Gate Paragate Parasamgate (ditto ditto ditto)
I saw you fill the camera
Dimples and chagrin, I must admit I've been
Focusing below
Wide eyeing angles you deploy
Deconstructing men you self destruct again
Eyes upon the goal

I need the signs, I meet the minds
I tend the goal, I pay the toll
The Desert
Time 12:42
Reflections on the sand we made our way across the searing plain
And we called out and we saw into our own doom
And we listened but believed no one
With passions on demand we wore our hearts out
Handing out our blame
And we cried out when we thought no one could hear
Our admission of our pain and fear

They say there once was water
They say there used to run a river
Through the middle of the town
The well that now spits sand and gravel
So full a man could drown

We watch the children play here
Dusty dreams and windswept wishes
While the elderly complain
Of numbered days and failing senses
Of life lived on the wane

This dry delusion, this pale illusion
the one solution to this confusion is this:

The desert calls to me and though I know not why
I choose to go
To the lifeless empty wasteland that I love
I pursue that sandcastle mirage